The Asylum Ministries

Christian Goths and Misfits Since 1998

 “Asylum” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people…  to us, patrons of The Asylum, she is Home, Refuge, Sanctuary…

Once upon a time, The Asylum was a community/family of Christian Goths and Misfits in an online webring…  We wanted a place to call “Home” and in 1998, we chose Cornerstone Music Festival; After 14 years, in the ending of Cornerstone Music Festival, The Asylum founded and moved to AudioFeed Music Festival: “Even if we are alone in the middle of a cornfield; somewhere, somehow, The Asylum will do something next summer over the 4th of July.”  For seven years, we have called AudioFeed our home; but now, during the Holiday Season of 2019 we are building ourselves a new home in other festivals in other places, and even here online.

Our art, ambiance, coffee, and music; though seemingly morbid, off putting, and somewhat scary is the tool we use as “fishers of men” to fish for the lost in this world and to bring them in as family.  Jesus calls His mother, brothers, and sisters “… those who do the work of my father in heaven…” Who is His father?  and what is His father’s work?  As you gander through our pages, maybe take the time to sign up for our newsletter or follow the Contact link above to drop us a line.   It is our hope that what we believe and live in response to these questions will be evident to all who take the time to witness our lives and ministry here.


The Asylum @ KCF 2020

Since our early years at Cornerstone Music Festival, The Asylum has been known for our FREE coffeehouse.  Kingdom Come Festival ...

Asylum Ministries: A New Road Ahead

Benjamin Rau and Elizabeth Rau are leaving KMMG along with The Asylum Ministries. While we are leaving KMMG, we are not parting ways with...

Clergy Appreciation Month

I am going to say, there is something special about the Jewish High Holidays overlapping with Clergy Appreciation Month. You see in Judaism, we believe that during these 10 days of Awe which begin on Rosh Hashanah are about cleansing one’s self of all that might be counted a blemish on our High Priest as He enters The Holy Place before The Lord in order to beg Him for the complete and total pardon of all transgressions in all peoples in all the world. As you spend this month praying and showing thanksgiving for your clergy of all varieties; consider this: “How does your life journey influence their blemishes as they come before The Lord on your behalf?”

The Asylum @ AudioFeed 2019

The Asylum Ministries @ AudioFeed Music Festival 2019 We take great care in ensuring a family friendly, wholesome, and...

Asylum @ AudioFeed 2018

Asylum Coffee House:Since our early years at Cornerstone Music Festival, The Asylum has been known for our FREE coffee house....


What is Christian?

1). A belief that Jesus is the prophesied Messiah, Emanuel, the Son of the Living God, just  as Peter tells Jesus when asked “Who do you say I am?”

2). A life that demonstrates  “True Religion” as found in the book of James…

What is Goth?

Many try to make the claim that Goth is all about the initial “shock factor” but this is simply not the case;  it is first and foremost about not fitting into that socially accepted cookie cutter shape that the world tends to force most people into; it is intentionally and constantly seeking out the flow of artistic individuality that exists naturally in all mankind. It is about stepping up to the plate to reject the views of the world in order to find the true self that lies buried and lost inside oneself.

What is Christian Goth?

1). God created all of us to be unique exhibits of His Shekhinah

2). Each one of us is a collection of masterpieces in this gallery of the terrestrial plane

3). We are all equal and equally treasured, yet all different and unique with our own quirks and marvels.  

How do I become a volunteer?
See our Volunteers page. For more information, contact us
Can I sell my stuff in the Asylum at festivals and events?
Yes, with a few exceptions. For more information, contact us
I want to donate something to the Asylum, but I'm not sure how.

Monetary Donations:
You can donate through our website here. If you are more comfortable mailing a check or money order, please contact us.

Items Donations:
Other donations are also welcomed. Please contact us and we would be happy to let you know more about how to ensure The Asylum receives your items.

I have a prayer request, but don't want to share publicly. Is there a more private way to ask for prayer?
Yes, you can contact us and ask for prayer. It only be shared with the official Asylum prayer team.