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The Asylum is and has always been Non-Denominational, in the true sense of the word, some might even say: Pre-Denominational, Ante-Nicene, or Proto-Orthodox.  We are not American Protestant, Anglican, Eastern/Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Messianic Jewish, Roman Catholic, or Oriental Orthodox: we are Simply “Christian” – Many of our members and patrons belong to said denominations, but we are first and foremost “Christian” as we were first called such in Antioch – we find it fitting that both Goth and Christian were originally derogatory terms used by the status quo to oppress and control the masses; and as Christian Goths, The Asylum is all about breaking the boundaries and mechanisms of that ame status quo that individuals might discover true freedom and true liberty…


While we have a great respect and even reverence for old and forgotten things, we do not all adhere to the SAME old and forgotten things (beliefs, traditions, etc).  We must all do better jobs of being more diplomatic and loving in our questioning and challenging of each other in our understandings of theology, Scripture, and doctrine… As followers of The One True God, we are a family; we are not enemies!


In the 1st Century CE, when the fires of Christianity 1st began, they spread rapidly; because for the 1st time in history, Christianity as a Sub-Sect of Essene-Judaism (the Hospital Faith) created unity with peoples in Emmanuel who/which transcended ethnic and religious borders – This is what wa promised Abraham, Isaac, and Jaacob (Israel) – This is what Israel as a nation of Chosen People was supposed to accomplish if they lived in accordance with The Lord’s Law (Torah) rather than in submission to the ways of the world around them (Man’s Law) – This is what Emmanuel commanded of His disciples and all those who would follow Him that as it was in those days, we too like them so long ago can be of the same true faith as our King and Lord.  May it be so too with we (Christian Goths – The Asylum) who are as different as different can be – not just to the world, but to each other – and yet: We are all Christians!


The Asylum is not a soap box for any particular denomination; so please check your denomination and extra-Biblical dogma at the door! We are a place and a people where and to who the only thing that matters is being bought and paid for by nothing but the blood of the pure and perfect Paschal Lamb (Emmanuel, The Savior, The Messiah)… And though we are all different in our origins and stories, different in our beliefs and philosophies; we are the same in and through redemption (Humility, Confession, and Repentance)…


Look at the 12… how different they were… how different their stories, their families, even their labors before Emmanuel invited them into the fold… “…There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free… … …” this must be our reality as a Ministry and Family representing the Most High here on the Earth until He declares it time to return to us…. The differences between us must dissolve away if we turn the focus to the things that are similar and the same about us…


Starting with the same question Elijah asked of the Israelites on Mount Carmel before his duel with the prophets of Ba’al… “…Who is your Power?…” If we all here have the same answer to this question, then there should be no reason we cannot be polite and courteous to each other. If we all believe that the LORD is “God” and that Emmanuel is the Salvific Messiah of the Covenant, then there is no reason for us to raise anger or resentment against one another… or fear and distrust as these are the tools of the devils whose aims are to keep us divided that they may conquer us… This is as much an issue of familial love and friendship as it is an issue of emotional pain and spiritual warfare… for as Isaac Newton believed and wrote, all realms affect each other and parallel each other; that is both the physical and the non-physical are one with each other…


The Asylum is a place where our differences are cause for greater unity rather than greater division, for it is our differences that lend greater flavor and ability to the Body… for where would the body be if we were all exactly the same … “… if we were all an eye…” …?


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