Origin and History of The Asylum

The Asylum Ministries officially began as a place for the misfits among misfits to gather @ Cornerstone Music Festival in 1998.

Joe Kopnick began The Asylum at Cornerstone Festival in 1998 as a place for those who were a part of the xnet goth webring to meet in person in the physical world for the first time. It did not take long for the Rose Kurkzab and Zoe Karraker to grow the Asylum into something so much more though – A Refuge for Misfits and Oddballs of many shapes and sizes… Over the years, the Asylum has taken many forms and even now CONTINUES to change shape and form daily.

Starting in 2007 The Asylum began a ministry relationship with Loyal Thurman and his ministry, Hope for the Rejected (Now Renamed to Unified Underground). Some of you may remember Loyal coming into the Asylum that year and participating in the Goth Makeovers we were doing to raise money for the ministry. Since the very first Unified Underground Conference in 2007, Asylum has participated in the conferences ranging from prayer support, promotion, consulting, and even speaking at the conference itself. For a few years, our 501(c)3 status and faith covering was even through Hope for the Rejected (now renamed as Unified Underground).

In some regards, we are currently a year round, event-based ministry focused on the Goth and related Sub-Culture(s) with passion and vision for Reaching Lost Souls. In 2008 Benjamin Rau and Elizabeth Thompson were asked to take over leadership of the Asylum’s prayer team/ministry. While at this time we were little more than a prayer by EMAIL NEWSLETTER, over time we would add Facebook, Skype, Cell Phones, and whatever other technology we could adapt to our use to establish what has become an international, multi-media prayer network. At times this has meant periodic prayer groups and at others it has meant 24/7 prayer meetings all in support of The Asylum, her ministers, and her people.

Following Cornerstone 2010, the Asylum leadership team prayerfully named The New Generation of Leaders: Bill and KJ Fanum and Benjamin and Elizabeth Rau. One of the first things we did as a team was to answer the question for ourselves: “What would you do… if all expenses were paid, and money was no object… what would you do with the Asylum?” every one of the 4 of us had the exact same answer: “Pack it up and take The Asylum on the road… become a full-time, traveling, tent ministry.” This has become the dream at the center of all we do and all we strive for as a team, a ministry, and a family. This dream has turned into a driving passion for Biblically grounded and driven Revival and Deliverance… Just imagine: Old school revival tents intertwined with carnivals and gypsy caravans… Cities of tents as far as the eyes can see; and all of them gathered for the sole purpose of glorifying The Lord: our Power, our Savior, and our Messiah!

One of the Steps we took toward this end was to team up with Nailed to the Cross’ Christopher Middendorf and Quincy Faith in Action’s Patrick Mike Quigley. What this partnership gave the Asylum is use of QFIA’s 501(c)3 status, accountability, and a spiritual/faith covering that would anoint and watch over us when we were out in the field doing ministry.  As these first actions were made, the proverbial ball began to roll and this is where the first strides of our prayer network’s growth began.

Our first years as the Leadership of the Asylum we completely dedicated ourselves and our ministry to prayer, worship, revival, and deliverance.  We have hosted Holiday Celebrations Such as a Passover Seder at First Church of the Living Dead and The Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group’s Spring Training Weekend; we have been part of Worship on All Hallows Eve at Wheatland Salem United Methodist Church; we have participated in prayer walks through State and Renaissance Fairs; and we have partnered with Cave of Adullam in an assortment of local activities. In Addition to Cornerstone Music Festival and the Unified Underground Ministry Conference, the Asylum has also been part of gatherings at Ichthus Music Festival, Anvil Music Festival, and First Church of the Living Dead… and many others…

By 2012, when the LAST Cornerstone Festival came around, we were not only a recognized and important part of the Festival; but we were the first party involved in what would eventually become known as AudioFeed Music Festival (It was our idea) which is looking toward its 7th year of Festivities this year (2019 now; where does the time go?!). You see, as Goths, we looked for the beauty in this death as we do in so many other deaths and sought to be part of the new life that the LORD was going to begin. 

Although, like our prayer network, our ministry network also spans the entire globe and is ever evolving and growing to adapt to where and how the LORD is leading us…

This is only the beginning of our Story… So stay tuned while we take the time to update our web pages with what The Lord has been doing over the last several years…


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