Mission / Vision

Statements that Define our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Asylum is a Gothic Ministry aspiring to live out the Great Commission in order to shepherd lost and forgotten souls by way of fishing and discipleship…  Just as Jesus taught us. It is through Holiness that we aspire to take the message of Hope and Salvation to the darkest corners of the Earth, where evil believes it is safe and hidden from the reach of God.

Our Vision

To take the message of the Gospel on the road Full Time – in the Revival and Deliverance of the lost, broken, and dying.

Core Values

We are Goths, and because of that we are opinionated, confrontational, and oftentimes divisivel there is no better way to overcome this than through the source of all unity, Prayer…  Prayer unites us first with God and second with each other; it allows us to join with each other in overcoming obstacles and in sharing life’s many blessings and burdens.   It is at our core as children of God and without it, there can be no unity at all among those who serve Him.

Scripture both focuses our attention on God and teaches us how to live in unity with Him and each other.  In a culture when our difference can be so extreme, Scripture is what dedicates us toward His plans and purposes as “Cogs in a Machine” rather than as combatants hunting each other down.

Revival and Worship:

We all wear out, grow tired, and need refreshment…  Scripture commissions on on His journey; Prayer yolks us together in His kingdom; Revival and Worship are the inflow of His replenishment and the outflow of our service to Him.  Revival and Worship are the things we do daily and routinely to remind us who The Lord is and what He has done and what our place in relationship to Him is.

Not one of us in The Asylum, have a “clean” history.  Each of us have pasts of which we are not proud; and it took those like us to find us in the darkness we were bound in to pick us up and clean us off and set us back with the flock again.  Because this is each of our stories, this is also the story of our ministry. If you are lost and in over your head or just feel more alone than anything else; than let us be your lifeline out of that despair, let us pay it forward…  for we who were recipients of this same refuge are best suited to aid others in their pursuits of safe harbors.

Faith in Action:
We believe in the totalitarian nature of The Lord’s mercy and forgiveness: that He cleans us as though we were never stained in the first place.  Sin in not part of your nature; but a part of the bondage the Human race is born into; and we believe in the true, divine liberty that The Lord and His Messiah give to those who believe live in faithfulness. Faith in action is just that; it allows our faith and relationships to The Lord to shape the way we live in our day to day lives.  If He is truly our Lord, than our lives should and will reflect that.