Past and Present Asylum Inmates

Current Team

Benjamin Rau

Ring Leader

Elizabeth Rau

Mistress of Merch

Asylum Elders and Retired Leaders

Rose Kurkzab

Elder Goth

Rose is/was mentor to many, and it is her ideals that made The Asylum what it is today and continue to shape it onward…  Loyalty, Truthfulness, Coffee, and Money….


Donna Sheehy

Elder Goth

Donna is like the Goth Chaplain that we all needed in our wanderings away from The Lord…  She’ll triage your spirit and do whatever it takes to help you plug into The Church Universal…


Zoe Pierce

Elder Goth

Zoe is one of the driving minds who pushed The Asylum to brake its mold as “Just a Music Festival Tent”…  instilled a dream and vision into us that continues to shape our pursuit of “What’s Next?”

Kathryn Loveless

Elder Goth

Kathy is one of the more important intercessors to keep underground ministry in general alive and vibrant..  Some of you may remember her from “The Gothic Day of Prayer” 



Bill Fanum

Asylum Elder

If it involves electricity, he makes it live!…  There is no better sound engineer or more skilled electrician that Bill.  When you want things done right, he’s the guy to talk to.

KJ Fanum

KJ Fanum

Asylum Elder

In the field in charge of all ambiance and decor.  If you want the party to “Look Good” then KJ is the person you want at the helm…