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Clergy Appreciation Month

Clergy Appreciation Month

I am going to say, there is something special about the Jewish High Holidays overlapping with Clergy Appreciation Month. You see in Judaism, we believe that during these 10 days of Awe which begin on Rosh Hashanah are about cleansing one’s self of all that might be counted a blemish on our High Priest as He enters The Holy Place before The Lord in order to beg Him for the complete and total pardon of all transgressions in all peoples in all the world. As you spend this month praying and showing thanksgiving for your clergy of all varieties; consider this: “How does your life journey influence their blemishes as they come before The Lord on your behalf?”

The Asylum @ AudioFeed 2019

The Asylum Ministries @ AudioFeed Music Festival 2019 We take great care in ensuring a family friendly, wholesome, and Christian environment for all of our patrons.  A Special Thanks to our bands, speakers, team members, and their families:...

Asylum @ AudioFeed 2018

Asylum Coffee House:Since our early years at Cornerstone Music Festival, The Asylum has been known for our FREE coffee house.  AudioFeed Music Festival is no different; everyday, we offer FREE coffee to all who pass through.  As the Leaders and...

Asylum @ AudioFeed 2017

Asylum Coffee House: The Asylum is known for our late night coffee house. Every Night, we offer FREE coffee to all who pass through. Please stop by starting Thursday, June 29th for a cup during our Holiday Party. 10:00 pm-5:00 am - FREE COFFEE - Thursday through...

Asylum @ AudioFeed 2016

Asylum Coffee House:One of the things The Asylum is best known for is our late night coffee house.  Every Night, we offer FREE coffee and great discussion; Please Join us each evening starting Thursday, June 30th at Audiofeed Music Festival… 10:00 pm-5:00 am - Free...

Nightwatch Newsletter and Goth Night of Prayer

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hello Goth family and friends, I must apologize for the delay in the newsletter. My computer and sound system were ruined by a lightening strike. I had to replace them. The electrical surge went right past my surge...

Nightwatch Newsletter And Goth Night of Prayer

 Greetings Goth Family, Thank you for all the prayer for our community and for the Grave Robbers ministry. Lives have been changed and your prayers have moved mountains. What a blessing that you have been. Last week at our Church, Crossroads in Cincinnati, Ohio,...

Nightwatch Newsletter And Goth Night of Prayer

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Back by popular demand is the newsletter and night of prayer. Although a few of our Goth family liked the new format of the newsletter on line and the prayer section, more of our community liked the monthly mailing of...

Checking Out The New Website

Hey guys,Liz has the website up and running and she would like everybody to give it a look-see and give her feedback!!!  Please make sure that you take 10-15 and do this for her.  theasylumministries.webs.com

Asylum Ministries – Christian Goth

Everyday in the home, at church, at work, and on the road, I get asked the same questions that so many others of the Underground Christian Communities get asked:  “How can you be both Christian and ‘Goth’ at the same time?”  “How can you call yourself a Christian and...

Vision for the Future of Asylum Ministries

Our vision for the future has two sides; one to be light and salt to our subculture. When the Asylum first started we were a refuge for goths from the storm of Cornerstone. It was meant to be a meeting place for those that were apart of the xnetgoth family to come together and have some fellowship. Over the years we have grown and become a refuge for anyone that is seeking shelter and respite in a physical or spiritual way. Now we are seeing that Father has another purpose for us.

A Letter From Goth Grandma Rose

Dear asylum family,just got back on Wed. afternoon, worked on the books and got everything balanced, and I will be posting numbers on the asylum site soon. I hope everyone had as great a time and was as blessed as I was. We will also be posting an overview of this...


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