Hello Asylum Family and Friends,

This year there are many new things and changes in our community. The Lord has allowed us to expand our ministry and we are so thankful to all of you that have made this possible. 

New Asylum Web Mistress

Beginning in the next week, the Asylum will have a new web master. Natalie, one of the staff members from the Asylum, will be taking over the site. She has a lot of new and fresh ideas to update our ministry. Our thanks to Mike, our resident Geek, for all of his hard work over the past few years. If you have any suggestions or would like to contact Natalie, her e-mail address is: nataliefree213@hotmail.com. Also, Natalie is the one that makes our signs for the Asylum as well as planning the Goth Prom. 

Home Groups

Great news! We are so fortunate that the Asylum staff member, Zoe, will be the leader of our Home Groups. She has many wonderful ideas planned including a monthly activity. If you would like to host a home group, please contact Zoe at saviormachine07@hotmail.com.  Also, she would like to know what topics that you would like to see discussed. Do not worry if you have never been to or hosted a home group. Zoe will equip you with all of the information that you need and will be able to answer any of your questions. All that you need is a willing heart and a little time.

Rainy Day Goth Family Reunion

The first Rainy Day Goth Family reunion will take place in Des Moines, Iowa April 17   18th which is the Friday and Saturday the weekend after Easter. This informal event will be a time of fellowship and fun with the Goth family. The planning team members for this event are Ramona (Mo) Lillie, Bill and KJ Fanum. Everyone will be responsible for their own lodging, transportation, food and spending money. Ramona has found a reasonable price for lodging at:

Motel 6
3225 Adventureland Drive
Altoona, Iowa 50009

The motel is just a few miles East of Des Moines. You may register on line. For two nights, for two people per room, the cost is approximately $92.00 for both nights (not including the taxes). If you are only staying one night, the cost will be approximately $46.00. For a few dollars more, you may have four people per room which will reduce the cost significantly. If you have any questions about the event, please contact Ramona (Mo) at (515) 265   5106 or e-mail at
mostarr19@yahoo.com If you wish to contact Bill and KJ about the event, you can
e-mail them at billandkj@ssmnet.net


Our Cornerstone planning meeting will be sometime in March. If you have ideas or suggestions, please contact Rose at gothgrandma52@sbcglobal.net

Regretfully, The Saj and family will not be joining us at the Asylum in 2009. The good news is that it is for the same reason as they did not join us in 2007. Mrs. Saj is pregnant with another baby Saj. *lol*

In lieu of this, Saj will be focusing most of his efforts toward the Unified Underground and helping to create an awesome event on the eastern shore. Hmm&maybe that is why his e-mail is Saj@easternstorm.net

Asylum Family Wedding

Two of our Asylum Family members were married this past weekend in Lombard, Illinois near Chicago. David and Lara wed on Saturday afternoon, January 17, 2009. The blissful couple headed to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Laura is part of the Hope for the Rejected/Youth for Christ Staff. The newlyweds will be headed to live in Baltimore sometime in 2009. If you would like to drop them a line and wish them congratulations, you may contact them at Lara@HopeForTheRejected.org

Romance Is In the Air

Two of our Asylum family has just become engaged on December 11, 2009. I will have to admit that this engagement was so romantic that it brought tears to my eyes. Asylum s very own, Ben and Liz, are now engaged to be married. Ben has been a large part of the Asylum for many years. We could not do it without him. Last summer, Liz, joined us and jumped right in and worked day and night. What a blessing that she is. You can read their romantic details at www.myspace.com/katie_jade

East Coast Home Group

Goth Subculture Small Group in Montgomery County, MD.  Interested in connecting with other Goths and subculture people in Montgomery County? Please join, Naomi Joy, also known as “Joyful Mourning,” for a casual, introductory meeting at the Muddy Branch Starbucks Coffee house in Gaithersburg, MD. In this time, we hope to get to know a little bit about each other, share our vision as a developing
small group, answer any questions you may have and understand how we, as a subculture community, matter to God and how we are both relevant and important to His church. Please feel free to email Naomi at joyfulmourning@gmail.com for more information or with any questions. For more info on her church, Journey’s Crossing, please visit www.ilovethischurch.org. We look forward to meeting you!

Host: Naomi Joy
Date/Time: Saturday, January 31st, 7:00pm
Location: Starbucks Coffee, Muddy Branch-Gaithersburg MD
Directions: Please RSVP to joyfulmourning@gmail.com

“Joyful Mourning”
Please visit my website for more info about me…

Directions: Please RSVP to joyfulmourning@gmail.com

Lady Kathryn

Please keep Lady Kathryn in your prayers. She has a ruptured disk in her back and will be on complete bed rest for several weeks. Kathi is a big part of our Goth family and has been our prayer warrior for many years. She also takes care of all of us as she hosts the prayer room at Unified Underground each year. She is the prayer covering for all of the subcultures, bands and ministry teams. Her gentle and approachable nature has put all of us at ease during hard times. If you would like to send her a note to say hello, her e-mail address is: ladykathryn7@gmail.com

Christian Goth Web Sites

Just a reminder that we have some amazing Christian Goth web sites out there. They are filled with information that will help you with practical things as well as helping you with your spiritual walk.





Planning Teams

If you are interested in joining any of the planning teams, please contact the team leaders that are listed on the Asylum web site. We have an east coast group, a Midwest group and are praying for God s provision for a west coast group. If you are in another country and would like to be team leader of a group, please let us know.

Ichthus Festival

Ichthus is a music festival that takes place each year in June in Wilmington, Kentucky (outside of Lexington). Although it tends to be a bit more on the traditional side and not as radical as Cornerstone, it is a great place to meet some great bands and some wonderful people. They have a great line-up this year. There is not a large Goth population that attends, but we are hoping to change that. Mike and I went a few years ago and met one hysterically funny Goth by the name of Anthony. He actually lived in the same town as the event. This year there is a Goth ministry team going from Prestonburg, Kentucky. Their names are Nate and Cynthia Handloser. Check our Cynthia s web site if you get the chance. www.cynthiahandloser.tripod.com If you would like more information about Ichthus, the web site is www.ichthusfestival.org

That is all the news that I have for now. Be sure to check out the Asylum web site from time to time. www.asylumofmercy.org

Chocolate Covered Hugs,

Mom Goth Donna