Asylum Coffee House:
Since our early years at Cornerstone Music Festival, The Asylum has been known for our FREE coffee house.  AudioFeed Music Festival is no different; everyday, we offer FREE coffee to all who pass through.  As the Leaders and Administration of The Asylum: Bill and KJ Fanum and Benjamin and Elizabeth Rau invite you to stop on by starting Wednesday July 4th for a free cup during our annual Holiday Party (Chanukah, Christmas, and Independence Day).Benjamin and Elizabeth Rau

FREE COFFEE  – Wednesday through Saturday

CobWeb Cafe:
Brought to you by Goth Mom Donna Sheehy and her Grave Robbers Ministry team; CobWeb Cafe promises to provide fellowship space for discussions as well as a segregated area for children, families, or anyone else just sick of the noise and wanting to recollect themselves and chill. Expect fun, games, candy, and periodic snacks…

Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group:
EVERY Morning at 10am, Proto-Prespetyr Rev. Bishop Dr Patrick Mike Quigley and Rev. Thomas Richard Bilyeu will be leading a Traditional Style Communion Service; if you believe in Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior then you are welcome to join us in His remembrance.  KMMG will have Intercessors and Counselors on hand during the entire festival both in the KMMG Chapel and in the Asylum Tent, among other places; should you have a need for us please stop on by…  

…In His service and at yours too…

Wednesday July 4th – A Very Gothic Holiday Party:

9:00 am – TBD
10:00 am – Rev Dr.  Patrick Mike Quigley  –  Communion 
10:30 am - Rev Dr. Patrick Mike Quigley  - Right Worship Part I
11:00 am – TBD
12:00 pm - Sojourner’s Music
1:00 pm - Todd (Preacher) Finney – Pt I: Breaking Bondage
2:00 pm - Shaun Hays – The New Testament Church
3:30 pm - Glenn Kaiser 
5:00 pm – Closed
6:00 pm - Happy Little Day
7:00 pm - NancyJo Mann – ( Hope?)
7:30 pm - The Uh Ohs
8:30 pm – Harry Gore
9:30 pm - Rabbi Rock: Channukah
11:00 pm - XIII Minutes
12:00 am - Leper

Thursday July 5th:

9:00 am - Harry Gore – Pre-Communion Music
10:00 am – Rev. Dr. Patrick Mike Quigley  –  Communion 
10:30 am – Rev. Dr. Patrick Mike Quigley  - Right Worship Part II
11:00 am - Corner Fringe – Post Message Music
12:00 pm - Rabbi Simon De La Pena (Rabbi Rock) – Honoring and Obeying Authority “In The Lord”
1:00 pm - Todd Preacher Finney – Pt II: Inner Healing
2:00 pm - For the Fallen 
3:00 pm – Rabbi Rock – Prophetic Worship
4:00 pm - The Uh Ohs
5:00 pm – Closed
6:00 pm - Corner Fringe
7:00 pm - Insomniac Folklore: Acoustic Fan’s Choice
8:00 pm - The Restitution
9:00 pm - Redd Sonia, Harry Gore, and the Hashtags
10:00 pm - XIII Minutes
11:00 pm - Death Requisite
12:00 am - Nick Gray (Constant Fury)
1:00 am – TBD

Friday July 6th
9:00 am - Glenn Kaiser – Pre-Communion Music
10:00 am – Rev. Dr.  Patrick Mike Quigley –  Communion 
10:30 am – Rev. Dr.  Patrick Mike Quigley - Right Worship Part III
11:00 am - Corner Fringe – Post Message Music
12:00 pm - Rev. and Mrs. Mike Kerby - Part I: Out of the Shadows
1:00 pm - NancyJo Mann (?)
2:00 pm - Shaun Hays (?)
3:00 pm - Relesser Unplugged
4:00 pm – TBD
5:00 pm – Closed
6:00 pm - Corner Fringe
7:00 pm - Rabbi Rock: Erev Shabbat 
               - Rabbi Simon De La Pena (Rabbi Rock) – Graven Images, Idols, and
9:00 pm –Taking the Head of Goliath
10:00 pm - Leper
11:00 pm - NancyJo Mann
11:30 pm - Pelennor Fields
12:30 pm - Metal Missionaries

Saturday July 7th:
9:00 am – Shawn Browning – Pre-Commmunion Music
10:00 am – Rev. Dr. Patrick Mike Quigley  –  Communion 
10:30 am - Rabbi Simon De La Pena (Rabbi Rock) – Shabbat: The Seventh Day
11:00 am - Rabbi Rock: Shabbat Services
12:00 pm - Rev. and Mrs. Mike Kerby - Part II: Into the Light
1:00 pm - Todd (Preacher) Finney – Pt III: Beginning Anew in Covenant
2:00 pm - Nate Allen: Death By 1,000 Cuts: When Christians Hurt Christians 3:00 pm – Autumn’s Descent
4:00 pm – Closed
5:00 pm – Closed
6:00 pm – Goth Prom
7:00 pm – Goth Prom
8:00 pm – Goth Prom
9:00 pm – X1stance
10:00 pm – Closed
11:00 pm – Closed
12:30 am - Grave Robber
1:30 am - The Real Boy Band

The Asylum Activity, Seminar, and Speaking Summery:

Chanukah Experience (July 4th from 9:30 pm -11:00 pm) Rabbi Rock: a Messianic Jewish band from Minnesota will be joining the holiday festivities this year by bringing a bit of a Jewish flair to them.  Chanukah Experience will not only bring us some Chanukah music to enjoy as part of The Asylum’s Holiday Party, but will also help us all to begin exploring the story of The Maccabees and the first Chanukah resulting from wholehearted obedience and dedication to The Lord.

Cobweb Cafe Activities: Goth Mom Donna Sheehy as planned a few activities for all who come out to our Gothic Family Reunion at AudioFeed Music Festival this year. Join us on July 4th – Mini-Flags and Free Candy; July 5th – Bat Day – Bat activities varying from adopting a stuffed bat to winning a bat house; and July 6th – Eat a Bug and Get a Mug; it’s as simple as that!

Communion (July 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th @ 10:00 am)
Kodesh Mishkan Minististry Group constitutes the faith and spiritual covering for many of the ministries at Audiofeed Music Festival.  Every Morning, ministers of KMMG will be leading a Traditional Communion Service with the invitation that any who profess faith in Jesus as the promised Savior and Messiah is welcome to participate.   … In His service and at yours too…

Goth Prom: (July 7th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm) Come darkly dance the night away at the Goth Prom! Not sure what to wear? There will be a fashion show! Listen and dance to the beats of DJ FatalClaw. Not to mention the crowning of the prom king and queen!

Havdalah: Welcoming Shabbat (July 6th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm)
Rabbi Rock: a Messianic Jewish band from Minnesota will be leading us in welcoming the Shabbat on Friday evening of the Festival.  For a Jew, Shabbat is all about the “Indwelling of the Spirit” of The Lord and the “Provision of His Promises” in our obedience to Him.  Shabbat is a celebration of the Wedding Banquet in that just receiving His invitation is cause to celebrate.  Join us in celebrating The Lord, His Promises, and His Provision in every cycle of life!

In the Grand Scheme of Things: (Anytime During “Normal” Chappel Operating Hours)
Take advantage of this opportunity to meet: Protopresbyter Rev. Bishop Dr. Patrick Mike Quigley and Rev. Thomas Richard Bilyeu, and other members of the KMMG Presbytery. Weather you have questions about KMMG in general, Kodesh Mishkan Theological Seminary, KMMG Emergency Service Corps, or any KMMG affiliate or program; come on by and get your questions answered while the KMMG Presbytery is on the grounds and in person. While you’re visiting our chapel, ask one of our presbyters or chaplains to walk you through our display of The Grand Schema: teaching the “real” and “full” Gospel since AD 33. … In His service and at yours too…

NancyJo Mann (July 4th @ 7:00 pm, July 6th @ 1:00 pm and July 6th @ 11:00 pm) NancyJo Mann, formerly of Barnabas will be sharing on the “Hope” that comes through the Christian faith and the healing The Lord gives as we journey with Him i n obedience. 65 years, and she is still asking herself and The Lord daily, “What’s Next?” and we hope that those of you asking yourselves this same question will find for yourself answers as she shares the journey she has traveled thus far with us all.

Jesus Outsiders: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light: (July 6th and 7th @ 12:00 pm)
Rev. and Mrs. Mike Kerby, members of the KMMG Prespetary and founders of one of The Asylum’s sister ministries – Jesus Outsiders Ministries – will be participating in our teaching theme this year as they present “Out of the Shadows: Sexual Immorality and the Christian Life” and “Into the Light: Restoration after Adultery, Rejecting Covetousness”

Rabbi Simon De La Pena (Rabbi Rock): (July 5th @ 12:00 pm)
In addition to the Chanukah Experience, Havdalah Shabbat, and Shabbat Morning services; you can also catch this seminar by Rabbi Simon on Honoring and Obeying Authority “In The Lord.”

Restoring Right Worship: (July 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th @ 10:30 am) Jesus said, “…he who practices the truth comes to The Light,”. KMMG’s Protopresbyter Rev. Bishop Dr Patrick Mike Quigley will be leading us every morning after the KMMG Communion Service on a journey of rediscovery: obediently, diligently, and honorably worshiping The Lord… worshiping through:  almsgiving, Christian service, fasting, prayer, and tithing; “… so that [our] deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God…” {John‬ ‭3:21‬} ‬‬

This series will be concluded on Shabbat by Rabbi Simon De La Pena of “Rabbi Rock”, as He teaches and leads us in Shabbat Morning Services and Worship. Shabbat Services and Worship: (July 7th from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm)

After The KMMG Saturday Morning Communion Service: for a conclusion to our “Right Worship“ seminar series, join us under the teaching and leadership of Rabbi Simon De La Pena (Rabbi Rock). Rabbi Simon will be leading all present in in rejoicing together as we all endeavor to Remember Shabbat and keep it holy. “… and on the Seventh Day, The Lord rested…”  “… and the Seventh Day shall be a day of rest…”  “… you shall remember Me and keep The Seventh Day ‘holy’…” Genesis 2), (Exodus 20), (Exodus 31), (Exodus 34), (Leviticus 23).

Shaun Hays: (July 4th and 6th @ 2:00 pm) Todd (Preacher) Finney: (July 4th, 5th, and 7th @ 1:00 pm) Todd (Preacher) Finney of Presence Church, Sojourner’s Music, and The Waystation will be partnering with The Asylum this year not only with his music uplifting The Lord and starting out our festival with a focus on Worship, but in speaking on: Breaking Bondage, Inner Healing, and Beginning Anew in Covenant.