Greetings Asylum Family and Friends,

So often I wish that I could share with you the many messages that we receive through the Asylum site on a regular basis, but because of confidentiality, I cannot share them.   I can tell you this, because of the Asylum family and all of you, lives have been saved, lives have been changed and people have found a home where they are accepted and loved unconditionally.   Without you, the Asylum family, this ministry would not be successful.

The Rainy Day Asylum Family Reunion

Where:  Des Moines, Iowa
                                    April 17th through 19th 

Please let Ramona (Mo) know if you plan on coming or would like to share a room with someone to keep costs down.

Letter from the Netherlands

I have permission to share this letter with you from Marion, one of our Christian Goth family members from the Netherlands.   She is also the author of the book  Soul Survey  posted on the links page of the Asylum site.  This letter will amaze you and leave you laughing as you see God s hand and power at work.

From: Marion Altena []
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 2:36 PM
To: Donna Sheehy
Subject: No, THIS is the final version. Sorry for the hassle…
Hello everybody,

There’s this story I would like to share with you, to illustrate how huge our God is and how He also uses goth culture for His purpose. The story is real and it happened to me this week, on Saturday…

There was this gothic and fantasy fair in the weekend of February 21 and 22, and I had been wanting to visit it, either on the Saturday or the Sunday. Eventually, I decided on Saturday morning to get into my car and go there.
It was nice to stroll around, check out all the stalls with different merchandise and meet some old friends.

At one stall, I found loads of corsets for sale and decided to do what I had wanted for a couple of years already: buy one. It’s a huge investment; good corsets aren’t cheap, but something inside me told me not to worry about the financial aspect.
When the seller was adjusting the straps on my back I said to him that I suddenly realized why a corset would be good for me. I’ve had horrific pain in my back lately. Sprained it at least four times within the last twelve days and having the feeling that my spine is nothing more than some unsteady cubes on top of each other instead of a well-supported combi of vertabrae and muscle… (Partly due to fibromyalgia, an chronical illness that’s been bothering me more than ever lately.) So I need to train myself and learn more about good posture. A corset would be perfect, I told the seller…

The rest of the day I was walking around with the corset on. A very beautiful black, overbust, victorian work of art with silver flower patterns on it. I felt very… pretty, strong and supported, I can tell you.

On my way back home that afternoon, I got into a traffic accident, my first serious accident ever. Somebody from behind bumped into my car, it was all his fault. After pulling over to a bus stop, we got out of our cars to look at the damage. The front of this guy’s vehicle was all dented and the bumper was hugely damaged. My car… had nothing. The guys looks, his eyes get very big and he says to me: ‘You’ve just experienced a miracle, lady. The towing bar of your car absorbed all the power of the collision.’

While this man was saying that, I found that I had experienced yet a second miracle: regardless of the weakness of my back, I felt no pain at all. And that was thanks to the fact that I was wearing the corset that I purchased that very day (out of all days!)

You see how God uses just anything He wants to pursue His purposes for us…?


Asylum Meeting

Usually we have our Asylum Meeting in Chicago sometime in March.  This year we are having our meeting during the Rainy Day Reunion.   If you are not able to attend and you have ideas or comments that you would like for me to mention at the meeting, please let me know.   Please send your ideas to Mom Goth Donna at

Asylum Prayer Ministry Team

We are so excited and thankful for Ben Rau and his fiancée Liz Thompson, who will be the new Asylum Prayer Ministers.    Covering our ministry and each of us in prayer is a big undertaking, so we are so thankful to these two who have taken on this task with such willingness. 

Small Group in Maryland

Joyful Mourning has started a small group in Maryland.  Please be sure to post this home group on your web site and send out the message to friends that you may have in the area.

Goth Subculture Small Group in Montgomery County, MD.
Interested in connecting with other Goths and subculture people in Montgomery County? Please join, Naomi Joy, also known as “Joyful Mourning,” for a casual, introductory meeting at the Muddy Branch Starbucks Coffee house in Gaithersburg, MD. In this time, we hope to get to know a little bit about each other, share our vision as a developing small group, answer any questions you may have and understand how we, as a subculture community, matter to God and how we are both relevant and important to His church. Please feel free to email Naomi at for more information or with any questions. For more info on her church, Journey’s Crossing, please visit

Host: Naomi Joy
Date/Time: Saturdays at 7:00pm
Location: Starbucks Coffee, Muddy Branch-Gaithersburg MD
Please RSVP to
Click Here for Directions:,+Gaithersburg,+MD%E2%80%8E&sll=39.363501,-77.154236&sspn=0.476715,0.878906&ie=UTF8&ll=39.11373,-77.21657&spn=0.007076,0.013733&z=16

We look forward to meeting you!
“Joyful Mourning”
Please visit my website for more info about me…

New Yahoo Group Replaces Forum

Just to update you on the Asylum web site.   We now have a yahoo group to replace our forum.   So many have asked for us to do this because the forum was hard to maneuver.  Hopefully this will eliminate the problem and allow the community to express themselves a lot easier.   

Blood Covered Blessings,

Mom Goth Donna