Greetings Goth Family,

There is so much going on in the Christian Goth Community, I don t know where to begin. God has been doing some amazing things in our community this year. What you may not realize, is that the Asylum Ministry is up and running all year long, not just at Cornerstone each year. We have a lot of volunteers and a great staff that tend to the needs of our community throughout the year. We network with other subculture ministries from around the world. 

If you ever have any questions about the ministry or would like to get involved, please contact me at

Hugs of Blessings,

Mom Goth Donna

                  An Urgent Message from
                             The Lady Michaela

Lady Michaela has a prayer request for the CG Community. It reads:
“Tomorrow THURSDAY the 19th, my son’s future mother in law ishaving 4 way bi pass heart surgery. she had been having trouble with kidney stones and was going to have surgery because of them….during the pre testing it showed she needed a stint put in, while they were doing that procedure they discovered that she needs the bi pass surgery. Her name is Jayanti, she is a Hindu. My prayer is that the family & she will realize they need a savior in Jesus Christ…and that the Lord will protect Jayanti during the surgery and recovery. Would you all please lift this to the Throne Room of God with me in prayer? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”


Souls, Souls, Souls for Jesus!
Pray Hard, Keep Watch, Love God, Praise Jesus, Be Humble, Bear Fruit,
Bless Others, Share Christ, Shun evil, Show Grace,
Stay Pure, Stand Firm, Be Ready!

                        Rainy Day Asylum Family Reunion

Just a reminder that the Rainy Day Asylum Family Reunion is next month,
April 17th through the 19th in Des Moines, Iowa. If you are attending or thinking about attending, please contact Ramona (Mo) so that she and the Midwest team can make their plans. (515) 867   4783. 

                          Cornerstone Festival

Cornerstone is only 14 weeks away. We have not had our meeting to make the final plans, but some wonderful things are going to happen this year. We are having a Goth wedding, our Goth prom, and some amazing acoustic musicians. This is one year that you will not want to miss. 

                        Wedding Bells at the Asylum

We are proud to announce the engagement of two of our Asylum family members.
Ken Lemery, known as KL Noise from the Band Bridgeshadows (formally from the
Goth band Wedding Party) and musician and artist, Lisa Keppen. KL and Lisa will be married at the Asylum during the week of Cornerstone Festival. Come and celebrate as we rejoice in this marriage between two of our very special and precious family members.

                               Home Groups

The Asylum staff is so excited about the home groups. If you would like to host one and you have no idea how to do it, please do not worry. Zoe will teach you and equip you with everything that you need. This is a great way to meet new friends and to share your faith in a way that is fun and rewarding. Our theme this year is  Expansion of the Kingdom  and what better way to expand than with home groups. Zoe will send you everything that is needed and will be there for you if you have any questions or concerns. Home groups can meet anywhere: Starbucks, library, churches, homes, or even the local cemetery. 

Please contact Zoe at: or call her at (920) 342   0539. 

Due to our great response for these groups, please send your information to Zoe as soon as possible. She is calculating the number of packets and supplies that we will need for the number of home groups. The deadline for the home group registration is April 30, 2009. 

                            Cemetery Engagement

Nothing better than proposing marriage at a beautiful cemetery in Canada.
Two of our Goth family members that are heavily involved in the ministry became engaged at a cemetery in Quebec. Matthew Pattison from Hamersville, Ohio proposed after courting the lovely Chantal Pleau from Quebec. The two will wed at Loveland Castle in Ohio in the fall. After the wedding, they will reside in Canada. Congratulations to this amazing couple. A match made in Heaven. 

                               New Web Site

The Asylum will have a new web site up and running in the very near future. Natalie, our new web mistress, is in the process of giving the Asylum site a  much needed  makeover. The new site will be updated and easier to Maneuver. We will send out the new web address once Natalie has everything ready to go. You will also be redirected to the site when using the old address. Our thanks to Natalie for all of her hard work on this project.

                             Unified Underground

The Unified Underground will take place October 16th through 18th in Annapolis, Maryland. Our East Coast Planning team will represent us and assist with the planning of this event. The team consists of Jason Epperson (The Saj) as team leader, David Dellman, Phil Powell, Naomi Joy, and Kathi Loveless. If you have any suggestions, please send them to

                           Looking For New Blood
                  To Update and Produce Asylum Newsletter

The Asylum Staff is looking for a willing and dependable person to take over the Asylum Newsletter. The Newsletter definitely needs a face lift and some sprucing up. If you have been involved with the Asylum for two years or more and you feel that this is something that you would like to do, please make it a matter of prayer and contact Mom Goth Donna at Sorry there is no salary for this job, we are all volunteers. (grin). 


If you need prayer for any reason, please contact our prayer ministers at the Asylum (Ben Rau and Liz). These two Goth family members are committed to prayer for our family and will pray for you, no matter how large or small your request. You can find the contact information on

                            Second Hand Rose Shop

The Second Hand Rose Shop will be opening in Bushnell, Illinois in the late spring. Please pray for Bev as she recovers from a two month bout with pneumonia. The store is almost complete but still needs a few more donated items. Needs: pant/skirt hangers, clothes racks, shoes, clothes, and volunteers to help set up. If you would like to call Bev to get more information, her telephone number is (309) 333-6708.

                               Ichthus Festival
                              Wilmore, Kentucky
                               June 10th   13th

Mike and I will be attending Ichthus Festival in Wilmore, Kentucky in June. We are meeting up with a Goth subculture ministry team from Prestonburg, Kentucky (Cynthia and Nate Handloser). The last time that Mike and I went a few years ago, there were only two Goths there, Anthony who lives in town and me. Everywhere that I walked, people would ask me if I knew Anthony. Of course, after a few minutes even though the place is very large, like kinds attract when there are only two of us. Please keep the ministry team in prayer, especially Cynthia and Nate. Nate will be bringing his lovely coffin and will be preaching a sermon called  Grave Robbers.   

As we enter spring, please remember to pray for the Asylum. With the economy the way that it is right now, please pray for our finances. 

Love to you all,

Mom Goth Donna