Nocturnal Greetings Grave Robbers,

The Christian Goth Directory is now up and running.   Please sign up if you have not already.   The Directory will contain, not only our Christian Goth family and their location, but will have bands, ministries and places of interest.    Mike, our resident Geek and IT guy, has done an outstanding job getting the Directory and map together.

                                 BABY NEWS

The Asylum s Jason (Saj) Epperson and Kimberly had a baby boy on June 20th.   Baby Jericho was 20 inches long and weighed 9 pounds, 4 ounces.  Congratulations to the parents.   Can t wait to hear about Aranatha s reaction to her new baby brother.

                            ASYLUM AT CORNERSTONE

Just a reminder that the Asylum will be in a new location this year.   It will be across the street and down a few spaces on the left near the quiet section.   Although it will still be on the main road, it will be away from the generator stages.   The Goth prom was such a huge success last year.  Natalie has planned another prom this year.    This year s theme for prom will be  Masquerade.     If you have any questions about the Asylum this year, please contact Rose at

                         GOD POURED OUT HIS SPIRIT

This year the Lord opened a large door for the Grave Robbers Ministry.   What was supposed to be a table with a banner turned into a full blown ministry tent complete with everything that we needed and a fantastic Hope for the Rejected Ministry Team.  After being asked to come to this mainstream event, we only had two weeks and two days to put together everything to make the ministry successful.   The Lord was amazing and everything fell into place including all of things that were ordered for this event.  The last box arrived with one day to spare.

Kevin Burgess, the Ichthus Ministry Coordinator, was so accommodating to our team, checking on us daily and bringing us a catered meal on the first day of our arrival.    We had no doubt in our minds that the Lord opened this door and paved the way.

The Hope for the Rejected team consisted of:  Gideon Thurman and Justin Slaughter from Louisville, Kentucky.    Clint and Heather Vaught from Evansville, Indiana,  Goth Mom Donna and Mike Sheehy from Northern Kentucky,  Natalie Free from Nashville, Tennessee, Vanessa Preston from Cincinnati, Ohio and Rob Nickles from Chicago, Illinois. 

The Grave Robbers Ministry was the first subculture ministry ever asked to come to Ichthus.   The people were wonderful and the Lord poured out his spirit.  Lives were changed, people healed spiritually and physically, and a packed tent every evening for Bible study.   The power of God was so strong that it was bringing people to us and could be felt all around the outside of the tent at least ten feet out.

We also received a lot of press coverage including an article in the Lexington Herald-Leader.   

Please keep the Grave Robbers and the Hope for the Rejected team in your prayers as God opens more doors for us this year.   In our hearts, we feel like God is getting ready to do something big.   

                          GOTHIC YOUTH DIRECTORS
                          BRING GROUP TO ICHTHUS

Complete with coffin in tow, Gothic Youth Pastors, Nat and Cynthia Handloser brought their youth from Prestonsburg, Kentucky.    Nat had devotionals and a sermon on Grave Robbing for his group which consisted of not only youth but some adults from the church.    Youth can keep you hopping, but his team did an amazing job at keeping track of everyone.   They brought their friend and schoolteacher, Jason and his wife, in some extraordinary attire from the Renaissance era.    We hope to have photos on the Grave Robbers site soon, so you will have to check them out.

                          GOTH NIGHT OF PRAYER

The most important job in our community is prayer.  We would not be effective or successful if it were not for prayer.   Therefore, when you pray, you are the most important part of this ministry.   Thank you in advance for all of your prayers.   Those of us who have been at the receiving end of them can feel them.

Here is the list for this month.

Pray for:

   The Asylum Ministries at Cornerstone
   The Hope for the Rejected Team at Cornerstone
   Lara of the Asylum Ministries (health)
   Cornerstone and the JPUSA Family
   Our economy
   Our country
   Our Military
   Jobs for those in the community that have lost them
   The Ichthus Ministry team
   The Unified Underground in Annapolis in October
   The Grave Robbers Ministry
   Christian Goth Community

That is all of the news that I have for this month s newsletter.  Take care and God bless.

Love to you all,

Goth Mom Donna