Hello Goth Family,

As many of you know, after a lot of thought and prayer, I stepped down from the Asylum to expand the Grave Robbers Ministry.    I am in awe today of all the Lord has done with this ministry in the past few weeks.   There is no doubt in my mind that all that is happening is God ordained.   

The Grave Robbers, under the spiritual covering of Hope for the Rejected/Youth for Christ is an outreach and networking Goth ministry.   It will be beneficial to all of the Goth ministries because it will be able to connect people together to spread the good news about our Lord Jesus Christ.   The new web site contains a Goth Directory complete with a worldwide map, so please sign up if you are interested in outreach and linking with others from the community.  www.thegraverobbers.org

I am still in awe of a very large door that recently opened up for the Grave Robbers Ministry.   I received a call from the Director of a mainstream festival called Ichthus in Wilmore, Kentucky.   The Lord showed the ministry team there last summer that they needed subculture ministry at this event.       I met with the Director, CEO, and some of the other staff for an entire afternoon.  To make a long story short, after another meeting with the Director more doors opened.  What went from a small table at the event has blown into a mini Asylum with a tent 30 X 30.  This means that I have only two weeks to get ready in what usually takes months.  The Lord has sent some of our Goth family in to help me.    How awesome is God?  Another amazing perk is that if a person works the altar tent or with a band during prayer time for only nine hours, the person gets into the event free which includes the camping.  Another amazing provision from the Lord.

The Ichthus Festival team reaches out all year long with several ministries under their umbrella.    One of the new things that is in the planning stages is a Christian version of the Vans Warp Tour.  Please keep us in prayer over God s direction for this.

Also, please keep the Grave Robbers Ministry in prayer as we work with other teams and attend other events.   

Lady Michaela

Lady Michaela, the web mistress, from christiangoth.com has recently been ordained as a pastor.    She is one of my dearest and best friends and has been an amazing inspiration to me over the years. I know that she has touched the lives of many in our Goth community.    Please e-mail her and wish her your blessing.  Keep her ministry in your prayers for our Lord has used it as a mighty tool in reaching out to our brothers and sisters in the Goth community.

Steve Weese

One of our Goth family, Steve Weese, from Fans for Christ and also the Author of God loves the Freaks, recently was photographed for a new book that is coming out.  It is called Time of the Faeries by J. Corsentino.  Be sure to e-mail him or reach him on Face Book to tell him congratulations. 

Unified Underground

Be sure to make plans to attend the Unified Underground in October.  This will be a great way to meet and network with Christian Goths from around the country.  The Hope for the Rejected staff is in the process of making plans for affordable accommodations.  Be sure to check out their web site.  www.unifiedunderground.org

The Asylum

Be sure to check out and bookmark the new Asylum site.  Natalie is the new web mistress and she has done an outstanding job.   www.theasylumministries.com

Face Book

A few weeks ago, I signed up for face book.  What a wonderful tool in keeping updated on the Goth family.   If you are not signed up, may I suggest that you do?  It will keep you updated on things that are going on, events and so forth.

Grave Robbers Newsletter

To receive updates, newsletters and the Goth Night of Prayer, please register at www.thegraverobbers.org

Hugs of Blessing,

Goth Mom Donna