Greetings Goth Family,

Thank you for all the prayer for our community and for the Grave Robbers ministry. Lives have been changed and your prayers have moved mountains. What a blessing that you have been.

Last week at our Church, Crossroads in Cincinnati, Ohio, hundreds of people were baptized over five services. There were so many new followers of Christ that they had to baptize six to eight at a time. Joy filled my heart and the tears flowed as each one was baptized. What a mighty God that we serve.

We have several events coming up that you may wish to check out. Also, several praise reports from the prayers of our community.

If you would like to add an event, article, poetry, or anything else to next month’s newsletter, please let me know.

Hugs of Love,

Goth Mom Donna


My son, Christian, is getting married to Megan Whitt three days before Ichthus Festival in June. Hubby, Mike, and I are so excited. And for those of you that have asked, “Yes, the wedding dress is black.”  


David Hart’s Birthday Party/ Sanctuary Reunion

Can you believe that Pastor David is going to be the big 6…0 in June. Oh my, where has the time gone?  

Sanctuary Group Gathering
Sunday June 13th, 2010 at 2:00 PM.

Communion Service at 3:30

Where: Home of Forrest and Chelle
104 Terrace Lane
San Marcos, California

For more details, contact Pastor Dave S. Hart through face book

This is your chance to wear black proudly.

HearseCon 2010

For those of you that own a hearse, this year the Hearse Club will host its fourth annual Hearse Convention. The event will take place June 18th through 20th in Englewood, Colorado. There is no charge for this event. Check out for more details. This is a secular event, so it would be nice to see a Christian presence there. They have a hilarious parody at

Ichthus Festival

The Grave Robbers will have a tent again this year at Ichthus Festival in Wilmore, Kentucky June 16th through 20th. Don’t let the location scare you. Ichthus is about twenty minutes out of Lexington, Kentucky. There is safety in numbers, so we would love to see you there.  

We have a lot planned. The bands Leper and Dark Valentine will be there along with DJ Saj from the East Coast. Some of the things planned are:

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
Goth Prom/Goth Fashion Show
Wake the Dead Night
Dark Praise and Worship
Goth Questions and Answer panels
Goth Speakers: Stephen Weese – God loves the Freaks; Stephen Long – YWAM shooting survivor; and Natalie Free – Self Abuse.
Tea/Coffee/Snacks every night

We have quite a large group of the Goth family coming to help out. Can’t wait to see what God is going to do.  

Complete Grave Robber’s schedule will be posted on the Grave Robbers site this weekend.

The Asylum at Cornerstone

The Asylum has a lot of wonderful things planned for Cornerstone Festival this year. The dates are June 28 through July 3rd in Bushnell, Illinois. Check out the Asylum’s face book page for more details.  


Several of the Goth family will be meeting at Dragoncon in Atlanta, Georgia September 3rd through 6th. If you are a gamer, sci-fi fan or a fan of just about anything, including Goths, you will not want to miss this event. Stephen Weese, from Fans for Christ, will have a table this year. Also, you won’t want to miss Voltaire, Cruxshadows or DJ Nemesis. Hope you will join us as we make a Christian presence at this secular event. We plan on having a lot of fun and dancing till dawn.

Ufilas Christian Goth International

St. John’s Methodist Church in Bloxwich, England will be hosting an event on Saturday November 13th, 2010. If you are a Christian band, DJ, or Goth that would like to participate in this event, please contact Ufilas Church through face book. They do an amazing job all year long reaching out to our community and other subcultures.  

Christian Ladies of the Underground

This is a new group for subculture women who would like to discuss faith, exchange ideas, and pray for one another. You can find this group on face book. It is an awesome way to network with other subculture women around the globe.

Outlaw Preachers (re)Union

The Outlaw Preachers will host a gathering December 3rd through December 6th in Memphis, Tennessee. Check out their face book page for details. All subcultures welcome.

Goth Clothing Sales

Attitude in the Netherlands is having a 90% off sale on some of their merchandise. For information: has been having sales. Check out their web site for some amazing bargains.


One of the most important parts of the Grave Robbers Ministry is our focus on prayer. As we pray for our community, ask God to give you favor as you reach out to those that do not know Christ.

The last Friday night of each month has been set aside for prayer. This is a way that we can all pray as a family. The time that you pray makes no difference, this is just a way to communicate and talk to God on behalf of our Goth family and for yourself.

Praise Report:

Brain Healy, from Dead Artist Syndrome, is doing much better. He has been a blessing to our community over the years with his music and friendship. Please continue to pray for him.

Nordic Phil Powell for the East Coast is doing much better. Nordic Phil’s ministry takes him into many secular Goth events where he reaches out with the love of Christ. Please continue to pray for him as he regains his strength.

Prayer Requests:

Sean Doty, California, is in need of a job asap.  

Pennie Ley, from England, has been having breathing problems from working without a dust mask. Please keep her in prayer as God restores her lungs.

Prayer for Steve Weese’s health as the doctors try to find out what is making him so fatigued. Also, pray for him as he comes to Ichthus Festival as a speaker.

Pray for the Grave Robbers Ministry.

Pray for the Christian Goth community. Pray that God will use all of us for his glory.


He forgives your sins – every one. Psalm 103:3 The Message Bible

There is no sin that God can’t forgive. No matter what you have done, God will forgive you. All that you have to do is ask for that forgiveness. God will wipe the slate clean.  

That is all for this month’s newsletter. If you have something that you would like to put in next month’s newsletter, please contact me at

Wishing You God’s blessing,

Mom Goth Donna