Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Hello Goth family and friends,

I must apologize for the delay in the newsletter. My computer and sound system were ruined by a lightening strike. I had to replace them. The electrical surge went right past my surge protector without touching it.  

Thank you for your prayers for Ichthus Festival. God did some amazing things.

Ichthus Festival A Huge Success
Although the first few days of Ichthus were chaotic, the Lord showed up and poured his blessing out on the Grave Robbers Ministry tent. Lives were changed, people healed spiritually and emotionally, and the presence of God could be felt. It was an awesome week of prayer, praise, music and fun.  
  Through prayer, the Lord sent an amazing Goth ministry team.  

o  Goth Mom Donna – Grave Robbers 
o  Mike Sheehy – Grave Robbers 
o  Natalie Free – Grave Robbers 
o  Stephen Long-Grave Robbers 
o  Rev. John and Katharina Harden – Dirty Feet Ministry and the Goth band, Body Parts 
o  Bill and Kari Jo Fanum – Asylum Ministry 
o  Stephen Weese – Fans for Christ/author of the book “Jesus loves the Freaks.” 
o  Skot and Rachel Shaw – Leper – JEPUSA 
o  Libby Luckey – Dark Valentine 
o  Simon and Sheri Bjorn – Dark Valentine 
o  Rob and Morria Nickles – Ministers to the Native Americans/ Arizona  We were also blessed by three Goth bands. Through their music, God’s spirit was present.

Dark Valentine – from Nashville, Florida, and Sweden 
Leper – from Chicago 
Body Parts 

We also were thankful to have a few normies help us out this year. What a blessing that they were.

Rev. Dr. Brad Long – Our Prayer Covering 
Erin Whitney – Youth Ministry 
Jim, Marissa, and Matthew Regan – Ministry 

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party 
Balloons, bubbles, flamingos, a huge mirror, people in costume set the stage for an outstanding event. This event attracted a huge crowd with at least two hundred or more people lined up at the door waiting to get in. Snacks, drinks and fellowship made this event a huge success. The band Dark Valentine played and led in some praise and worship. We had door prizes, contests (dirtiest feet, longest hair, the most piercings, etc). Through this event we were able to share the Lord Jesus Christ through music, prayer, testimony and praise.

Goth Prom/Fashion Show
We always like to have a Goth Prom and Fashion Show. This is a great tool for mingling. Anyone is allowed in the fashion show no matter what you are wearing. We had people modeling big hair, dresses made from garbage bags and duct tape, and some hysterical t-shirts. We had some great door prizes, dancing, and snacks. One man proposed to his girlfriend on stage. He met her last year at Ichthus. Not a dry eye in the place. They plan to marry at Ichthus next year. They are also planning to work subculture ministry. DJ Bill did an outstanding job setting the mood for mingling, dancing and praise and worship.  

Wake the Dead Night
This was an evening of Praise, worship, fellowship and testimony. We like to use the last night of an event to deal with anything that anyone needs prayer for. We have a big coffin for throwing in sin or any other struggle that a person might have. It signifies that when you ask for forgiveness, the blood of Jesus covers the sin and it is no longer remembered. We give out pens and paper. This is also the evening that we do a lot of one on one ministry. Body Parts (John and Katharina) did an outstanding job with the music. The presence of God was strong.

I wish to thank all of the Grave Robbers Ichthus Festival Ministry Team Members for all of their hard work. You did an outstanding job in spite of the heat and the heavy rain storms.

I would also like to thank Dwight Free, Natalie’s father, for building a beautiful coffin for us. And a big thanks to Natalie for getting it to the festival.  

Ichthus staff member, Doug Baker, surprised us with a real casket during the events. It was a rust orange color. It was beautiful. Where did he get it, you may ask? It belongs to his brother in law who keeps it in the garage for nap time. Our kind of guy. Thank you so much Doug.  

Upcoming Events

Goth Eucharist
There will be a Goth Eucharist at the All Saints Church in Chaford Hundred, in Essex (England) Friday night. If you have any questions, please contact Pennie Ley. Her e-mail is:

If you have any vacation time to spare and would like to have an interesting ministry opportunity, please join us for Dragon-Con. Dragon –Con is the largest multi-media, pop culture, sci-fi, fantasy, comics, literature, art, music and film convention in the world. It will be held in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia over Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 3rd – 6th. ). The Goth Band Cruxshadows will be there and also Voltaire. We would love for you to come and join us.

At the end of August in England, there is going to be a spectacular Christian music festival. It is similar to Cornerstone Festival in the USA with outstanding bands, art and speakers. The event is four days long, August 27 through 30tth. There will be a Goth Eucharist at 11:00 PM. If you have any questions, please contact Pennie Ley. She is a big part of our Goth family.

Her e-mail address is:

Because of the urgency of some of our prayer requests, we are putting an instant prayer request feature on the web site.

As a family, we like to pray together on the last Friday evening of each month. It does not matter what time that you pray. We are so thankful that we can pray as a family anytime during the evening time frame.

Prayer Requests:
o  Grandma Goth’s (Rose of the Asylum) mother. Rose had to leave Cornerstone early due to her mother’s poor health. Pray for Rose and her family too as this is hard on them also. 

o  Pray for Stephen Weese (Fans for Christ). He has been very fatigued for the past few months and the doctors cannot find out what it is. Please pray he can get a correct diagnosis for peace of mind. 

o  Pray for Brian Healy (Dead Artist Syndrome). He has had some major health setbacks lately. Even with poor health, he has been doing some amazing music ministry. 

o  Please pray for the Goth band, Leper, as they prepare to travel with the punk band, the Grave Robbers. 

o  Pray for the Goth Eucharist at All Saints Church at Chaford Hundred, Essex. They will meet tomorrow night (Friday) for prayer. (England). 

o  Pray for the band, Dark Valentine, the Lord has opened several doors for them lately. Pray for God’s guidance and direction. 

o  Pray for Greenbelt, the Christian music festival in England. 

o  Pray for the Grave Robbers Ministry, that God will direct our steps for his glory. 

o  Pray for our Christian Goth family, for their finances, health and that God will bless them. 

Sripture of the Month
· With God nothing will be impossible. Luke 1:37 NKJV

That is all for the newsletter this month. If you have any suggestions or something for the newsletter, please let me know. If you wish to be taken off the mailing list, there I a place to unsubscribe on the web site.

Wishing you God’s Blessing,

 Goth Mom Donna

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