Happy New Year!

Nocturnal Greetings Asylum Family and Friends,

There are a lot of new things going on in the community. In this issue of the Asylum Newsletter, you will find updates on the new adventures in our community. Rose (Grandma Goth) is calling this year  the Expansion of God s Kingdom.  This year we would like to focus on growing in the Lord, healing minds and hearts, and bonding together as a community. 

Rose s Surgery

Rose is recovering from her second extensive foot surgery. This time things did not go well in the after surgery care. However, what the enemy meant for bad, God changed for good. She is healing and recovering nicely. She will be able to dance the nights away at the Asylum at Cornerstone. Here is her e-mail address if you would like to send her a little note.


Rainy Day Asylum Reunion

The Asylum Ministry presents the first Goth Family Reunion. This will be an informal weekend of praise, worship, fun, fellowship and exchanging ideas for future events.

Team Leaders Hosting this event: Ramona (Mo) Lillie, Bill and KJ Fanum 

Where: Des Moines, Iowa. The exact location to be announced in the near future.

When: April 17th and 18th (Friday and Saturday; the weekend after Easter.

Accommodations: Everyone will be responsible for their food, lodging, spending money and transportation. Des Moines has an International Airport, Greyhound Station, and is on a major interstate making it easy to find. The team is pricing hotels. 

We would love to have you as part of the Midwest Planning Team. If you are interested, please contact Ramona (Mo) Lillie at (515) 265-5106. If she is not there, please leave a message on the answering machine or with her stepfather. You can also e-mail Bill and KJ Fanum at billandkj@ssmnet.net

Unified Underground

We have put together an amazing Gothic Ministry Team for the 2009 Unified Underground. The team consists of Saj (Jason) Epperson, from the Asylum; The Lady Michaela, from christiangoth.com; David Dellman, from gothicchristianity.com; Phil Powell, from Those Who Mourn; and Naomi Joy from Ilovethischurch.com If you would like to be part of this team or have ideas for the Unified Underground, please contact saj@easternstorm.net The event is planned for October in Annapolis, Maryland. The exact date will be announced in the very near future. 

Small Groups

In the spring, we will be opening up small groups that reach out to the Goth community. If you would like to host a group in your area, please contact Mom Goth Donna at GodRulz@fuse.net. The only requirement is that you are a follower of Christ. Meetings can be at your home, Star Bucks, schools, churches, libraries, etc. A packet with all of the information and everything that you need, will be provided for you. Make this a matter of prayer before you decide. It would be a commitment of an hour or two per week depending upon your group size.

Asylum Newsletter

We will be updating the Asylum Newsletter in the upcoming months. We will have new articles from some of our Goth family and hopefully a new format. We would love to have your input on this. What would you like to see besides Goth news updates? Would you like to see articles about the Bible? Crafts? Clothes and Make-up? Issues such as depression, mental health? Books? Places to shop? We would love your input on this. If you get a chance, please send your ideas to Mom Goth Donna at GodRulz@fuse.net

Second Hand Rose Shop

The Second Hand Rose Shop opening has been delayed until spring. Bad weather, Bev s trucking accident, and a few other events have pushed back the date. Bev s truck slid onto its side during an unexpected ice storm. She and her passengers were not injured; however, the truck needs quite a bit of work. 

If you have a band or ministry that you would like to have represented at the shop, please let Bev know. She would be happy to hang up your shirts, posters, or sell your merchandise. 

Please keep the Second Hand Rose Shop in mind while cleaning out your closets and drawers. Donations are greatly needed to keep this ministry going. We are trying to arrange some drop off locations due to high shipping costs.

To get more information on the Shop, you can call Bev in Bushnell, Illinois (land of Cornerstone Festival) at (309) 772-2905.

Goth Directory

Mike, our resident Geek, has offered to put together a Goth directory for our site. This would include a photo of each person, their Goth name or first name (both) and their e-mail address. Let me know what you think of this idea. It would be a great way to network and to keep in touch throughout the year. Send feedback to Mom Goth Donna at GodRulz@fuse.net

Thank you for your prayers

Just a note to say thank you to many of you for your prayers for my church in Cincinnati, Ohio (Crossroads). One of our performers fell from a suspended position (about 30 feet) during the first Christmas show. She passed away the next morning. The rest of the performances were canceled. Although this was a great tragedy, it brought our church together in a mighty way. Our church is large (ten thousand) and to see God s hand throughout this tragedy has been amazing.

Also, thank you for your prayers for my son, Christian, who lost his job at the first part of the year due to downsizing. He starts his new job as the Tech Center Manager at the Public Library of Cincinnati on January 12th. 

Your News

This newsletter belongs to all of us. If you have some news, events, or praise reports, please let us know. Also, feel free to express yourself in the forum section of the Asylum web site. Asylumofmercy.org 

My love to you all,

Mom Goth Donna