For the past five or six years we have seen a lot of changes in direction for the Asylum.  FATHER GOD has been preparing us and still is for a future of branching out into different places.  Our main focus in the beginning years of the Asylum was to provide a place of respite for those in the gothic community to meet and fellowship during Cornerstone.  Over the years we have moved more in the direction of wanting to become a place of healing and sanctuary not only from the elements, at Cornerstone, but from the elements of life that people bring with them to the festival.  We now feel as though FATHER GOD is preparing us to move outside of Cornerstone and be a light for those in the secular part of our subculture and to the mainstream. Our heart’s desire is to be a full-time, year round ministry.  

Our vision for the future has two sides; one to be light and salt to our subculture.  When the Asylum first started we were a refuge for goths from the storm of Cornerstone.  It was meant to be a meeting place for those that were apart of the xnetgoth family to come together and have some fellowship.  Over the years we have grown and become a refuge for anyone that is seeking shelter and respite in a physical or spiritual way. Now we are seeing that Father has another purpose for us.  

In the merch tent at Cornerstone this year there was a booth called NO One

Underground ( (  They had a print for sale of a lake of fire with hands coming out of it. The piece is called… “Why didn’t you tell me?!”  Think about that. We have an obligation to come out of our literal and spiritual tent and tell our fellow shadow dwellers about our Father.  So many of them have been hurt and are hurting. We CAN NOT allow them to not know our Father’s true heart any longer. We have an obligation to steal them from the grave.  Our (the Asylum’s) heart is to go into the clubs, the shows, the festivals where goths gather and steal their heart back with love. We know it’s gonna take time and we are more than willing to put in the time and His love.  Right now we are preparing ourselves for the road that is to come.  

In my Cornerstone 2009 blog I talked about how a lot of our staff got the crap kicked out of us this year, spiritually speaking.  Father is preparing us

for His vision… our vision.   

Secondly, we not only want to minister to our fellow shadow dwellers that don’t know the Father but we want to educate the mainstream churches on how to minister to the shadow dwellers in their congregation.  As we all know mainstream churches often times are at a loss on how to even approach goth kids. Our hope is to go to events like, Creation Fest, set up a booth and give pastors the tools (be it pamphlets, websites, or even seminars) to minister to individuals in the subculture and meet them where they are.   

How is this gonna look on paper?… we’re not sure yet.  What we do know is that it’s gonna take first and foremost our Father, secondly the prayers of the saints, bodies (breathing ones in the form of volunteers), and funds.  Some of these things we are square on, others we are in short supply. So now that you are in the know, let me leave you with a closing thought. We cannot and should not be ashamed of what Father has made us or who Father has made us.  Go into the world and make disciples of ALL nations and subcultures.