Supporting the Asylum

Giving Options

Donate Financially

If you would like to make a monetary donation to The Asylum, please fill out the donation form.

Other Ways to Support The Asylum

Prayer is first and foremost one of the most important things that you can do. We also accept donations in various other forms. Goods, services, and volunteers are always appreciated and frequently needed.

With Prayer

Every prayer given on our behalf is a highly valuable donation. We view prayer as a first and foremost giving option, and not when all else fails. It is only through your prayers that we have been able to come as far as we have; and it will only be due to prayer that we will be able to continue onward.

With Goods

We accept a wide range of goods as a donation. Some examples include food and kitchen equipment, camping gear, construction materials and equipment, furniture, and vehicles. We work hard to find good homes for any donated physical goods. Please contact us with any additional questions or specifics in this area.

With Services

Volunteers serve as the backbone of The Asylum. Having more boots on the ground, donating your time, is an important way that you can support The Asylum. We can use your help with setting up and tearing down tents, preparing food and serving drinks, helping out at our growing array of events, and so much more. Please contact us to find out how you can serve as a  volunteer!

Rose of Sharon - HomeSchool Co-op And Alternative High School Education

Located in Berwyn, IL, Elizabeth Rau of The Asylum Ministries works with Rose Kurkzab, one of The Asylum’s Elders and Founder of Rose of Sharon, to probide students who are failing in the public school system an alternative path to learning and often times succeeding where tehy were failing … 

If you would like to incquire about enrollment, doantions, volunteering, etc. then please contact us through the “contact” tab above…  

Shaun Hays - Uganda One

Please join us in literally feeding and caring for widows and orphans – and investing in the ministers and their families who are building an infrastructure in Uganda to continue doing so.  For more information, please check out the official page for Uganda One.


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