Champaign, IL

As the first party involved in what would eventually become known as AudioFeed Music Festival which gave rise to the needs that inspired the creation of Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group… as Goths, we looked for the beauty in the death of CornerStone Music Festival and sought to be part of the new life that the LORD was going to begin in and all around us… even if we are the only ones (and we aren’t!) 

By 2012, when the LAST Cornerstone Festival came around, we were not only a recognized and important part of the Festival; but we were the first party involved in what would eventually become known as AudioFeed Music Festival (It was our idea) which is looking toward its 7th year of Festivities this year (2019 now; where does the time go?!). You see, as Goths, we looked for the beauty in this death as we do in so many other deaths and sought to be part of the new life that the LORD was going to begin.

In faith, the Asylum as a team and as a family dedicated ourselves in the Spring of 2012 to make something happen in July 2013 over 4th of July Weekend, even if it meant we would be the only ones present in the middle of a corn field… The first person to give us support and encouragement for this idea was “Mamma” Linda Olson who agreed to let the “Goths” take over her farm house for the week. Mamma Linda’s farmhouse, built in the 1800s, was going to be transformed into a Goth Mansion: we were going to hang fabric, light candles, and drink an obscene amount of caffeinated beverages while enjoying fellowship, family, and good discussion over our 4th of July Family Reunion.  By the time Cornerstone Festival 2012 actually happened Mamma Linda had it on her heart to commit to another year of her annual Screaming Hog Pig Roast and one by one bands and individuals and stages came to us, wanting to be part of whatever was going to happen at Mama Linda’s farmhouse over 4th of July in 2013…  Groups like: Occupy Cornerstone Festival and FlatFoot56 who were responsible for much of the crowds that showed up the first couple of years.  Or The Black Sheep, a Hardcore Music Venue in Springfield, IL that became the “Main Stage” of AudioFeed….  The Arkansaw Stage; yes, the one and the same from Cornerstone Festival’s “Generator Stage Row” and The Anchor Church who also ran a Tent/Stage at Cornerstone Music Festival…  Probably some of the most well known folks who become the AudioFeed Administration and the real Faces and people behind what AudioFeed has become and continues to evolve into are Jim and Jennifer Eisenmenger of The Front Porch which has become AudioFeed’s very own Impromptu Stage… 

And this is only the beginning of our Story; AudioFeed’s creation took The Asylum out of the geographical purview of her faith covering: Quincy Faith in Action, and the need for something brand new arose – this was the beginning of The Lord’s movings and our inspiration in creating what would become Kodesh Mishkan Ministry Group: a ministerial covering founded by The Asylum Ministries for the benefit of all those in any form of Subculture Ministry The Lord is opening doors all around us – the well is anything but dry here in this land; and opportunity favors the bold and creative who endeavor with persistence and perseverance…  So stay tuned while we take the time to update our web pages with what The Lord has been doing over the last several years and what He is preparing us to begin anew in the comings days… 

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